Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Building Your Dream Home is Easier Than You Think

Construction Finance Article - 02/06/15

Building a home is an entirely different ball game to purchasing pre-existing real estate, it’s a lot more involved so be prepared to get your hands dirty (don’t worry, we’ll be donning the high vis and getting grubby with you).

Before we even think about your build it’s important to secure you a lender and snag that piece of land. To get the ball rolling we’ll take our time running through the process with you from start to finish; what to expect, what we’ll need from you, the documentation involved and how long you can expect the process to take.

Our priority is making things as simple and as straightforward as possible - we know there’s nothing more frustrating than reviewing paperwork you don’t fully understand or filling out forms littered with legal jargon, what a bloody pain! But with us it doesn’t have to be - housing documentation is a mammoth task and it’s our job to take the heat off.

When it comes to finding the right lender for you, we’re going to let you in on a little secret - not all banks have fixed rates during housing construction. We know who does, and it’s information we’ll happily share with you because very few companies understand Construction Finance as thoroughly as we do. Don’t want to go through a bank? No dramas. Non-Banks have great deals too and we’ll make sure every viable option is put in front of you (we’d be lying if we said we didn’t pride ourselves on being realistic and upfront).

We’ll create a tailor made financial plan to suit your circumstances (whatever they may be, and trust us we’ve seen them all and then some) and verify everything for you, from credit checks to references. From there we’ll work closely alongside you to get that lender application filled out and approved - happy days!

When it’s time to secure the land and get your build underway we’ll introduce you to our trusted network of land developers. Over the years our team have built up valuable working relationships with these guys because we want your build to be in the hands of people you can trust. Between the developers and our expert in-house advisors, you’ll find yourself with a well rounded understanding of the entire construction process and how we’ve structure your financial plan to keep it as easy on the purse strings as possible - let’s give that bank account some room to breathe.

A word of advice? Once construction is underway, leave things in the hands of the builders. Whilst we control as much of the process as possible, some things are best left to those guys. Sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing your new home come together from the ground up. We can’t promise it won’t get stressful at times but trust us when we say the results are more than worth it - you can’t beat the feeling!



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