Friday 2nd October 2015

Meet Nate


Nate is a young, happy-go-lucky kind of bloke. He's got a great job with a stable income and until recently had an extremely cruisey set up living at Mum and Dad's place; no bills to pay, hot dinners every night and clean laundry too. There’s nothing he loved more than a party; sinking a few beers with his mates and getting rowdy down the pub. 

A healthy appreciation of cars and gadgets meant he was always spending plenty of money. Eventually Nate found himself torn between being the life and soul of the party and wanting to grow up (just a little bit) and get a place of his own. This is the part in Nate’s story where we stepped in.

Craving his own space and independence, and with mounting pressure from Mum and Dad to stand on his own two feet, Nate realised that now is the best time to get your finances on track and purchase your first home. With his mind made up, he made his second smart decision and came to see us. 

We're a young team ourselves and we absolutely get it. Being young and partying is great fun, but it doesn’t last forever. There comes a point when enough is enough and it's time to make positive changes. 

Whether it's settled in a first home or just generally more financially stable, at Finance 365 we can steer you onto the right path and get you where you want to be. We want you to have the best of both worlds so you can enjoy the here and now while also getting into some good saving habits so you can secure your future.

Our team of advisors will go through your financial position with you and from there create a tailor made financial plan to suit your circumstances, whatever number’s in your bank account right now. The 365 guys and girls are the best in the biz and extremely open minded. They understand the importance of the work-life balance and won't be telling you to cut the fun stuff out completely. Everything in moderation! 

So let’s get back to old mate Nate, we put together a six month plan that suited his circumstances and future goals, and as a team we worked on improving his financial habits so that before too long both budgeting and planning were second nature. 12 months after setting foot in our office he was ready to start looking for his first home. His Mum and Dad could barely recognise him and the smile on his face was priceless!

If any part of Nate's story sounds familiar to you then we've got the people and the tools to turn your situation around and get you headed in the right direction with your savings and a smart financial plan for your future. Our plans are created just for you so you can work at your own pace. So if you’re ready to do a bit of hard work then so are we, so give us a call.

And don’t worry, Nate still enjoys a beer or two with the boys.






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